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  • Sort order cellcept/azura/Duodopa is not correct
  • jobs/update_migel_products_with_report did not generate EAN13
  • We should enable jumping to the best result for price and price/substance search



Keep in Mind for work to do
  • Fix dojo error
  • I removed on May-27 tests for ix_registrationss, fix_sequences, fix_compositions, fix_packages from test/test_plugin/swissmedic.rb,as he could not find any references for them in the src code. Did I erroneously remove stuff when cleaning up the swissmedic import earlier?
  • The whole test for older/newer Packages must be adapted to xlsx. One must compare the rows (e.g. by creating csv files) and do the same stuff in xlsx!
  • creat gem: task: input=file with ean-codes, standard output show ean-codes + atc-code. Source is Swissmedic Packungen.xlsx or XML.
  • Import via data/medreg_companies.yaml
  • Fix problem with radioactivatum 99m-technetio when parsing Wirkstoffe
  • Fix galenic_forms when parsing swissmedic.xlsx
  • Cleanup generic_type. Replace it everywhere by sl_generic_type and adapt code accordingly.
  • Get updated ATC-codes from EPha for, too.
  • Use refdatabase for, too.
  • Check whether we should revert the part which touche src/plugin/text_info.rb of commit 17af82ba4d76a5838683411b260de265531f9e74. We should improve test/stub/oddbapp.rb to work similar for update/pointer as the real oddbapp. In this case we would have a good Stub for plugins. May we need a different stub when working with plugins (which create/modify/destroy ODDB-Objects), when in most other cases a very simple stub is sufficient.
  • When a logged in admin user changes an atc_code of a product, the corresponding atc_class must update its sequences, too.
  • Order of entering search type and value should not matter. Both should show long URL with search
  • Remove parser for minifi (but keep the minifi)

Sort order cellcept/azura/Duodopa is not correct

Must investigate why Duodopa does not come on top in my local checkout. Okay, found the problem. It has no sl_entry but is not expired. I will add a new method in src/model/package.rb

    def is_refdata_listed?

Now the evidentia spec tests pass again. Same for resultsort unit tests. Waiting for result of searchbar_spec.rb before pushing commits

Travis-CI found an error: Corrected with

jobs/update_migel_products_with_report did not generate EAN13

Where did we loose the GTIN? I must enable accessing the RefdataArticle from the SwissindexMigel. Working on downloading the XML files only once.

The method check_item in ext/swissindex/src/swissindex.rb must fetch the the RefData information (e.g. GTIN/EAN). Changing its name to get_refdata_info to reflect its useage.

Now I get the ean_code for many items, but not all, e.g. snippet is

010101001,1624501,7612479001117,AMEDA Einhandmilchpumpe mit Flexishield,Nufer Medical AG,,32.30,43.70,1,43.70,,,,,
010101001,6047669,,AMEDA Einhandpumpe mit Tasche,Nufer Medical AG,,44.90,60.60,1,60.60,,,,,
010101001,4443763,7640109051744,ARDO Amaryll Individuelle Handmilchpumpe,Ardo medical AG,,41.30,74.00,1,74.00,,,,,

But must check, why we still download/save the files too many times. Done. But quite a few unit test for refdata and swissindex fail now. Must be corrected. Done.

Now the import starts. Looks like it is much faster now, as it does not have to refetch Refdata Items every time. Estimation dropped to about 20 minutes (for one language).

Pushed commits

We should enable jumping to the best result for price and price/substance search

The suffix "?#best_result" in the URL MUST be present to work, as it is the browser duty to jump to the given anchor. It is evaluated in src/view/dataformat by comparing the (package) model.good_result?. If yes it set the anchor.

Therefore OUR duty is to ensure that ?#best_result is added to URL when the URL is calculated. Testing whether updating the query in src/state/global.rb _search_drugs_state works or not. No. Problem lays somewher in constructing, e.g. src/view/searchbar.rb where the best_result is not always used to construct new URL. Maybe we should use there the third parameter event_url(event=direct_event, args={}, anchor=nil)!

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