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  • Setup on oddb-ci2



Keep in Mind for work to do
  • Fix dojo error
  • I removed on May-27 tests for ix_registrationss, fix_sequences, fix_compositions, fix_packages from test/test_plugin/swissmedic.rb,as he could not find any references for them in the src code. Did I erroneously remove stuff when cleaning up the swissmedic import earlier?
  • The whole test for older/newer Packages must be adapted to xlsx. One must compare the rows (e.g. by creating csv files) and do the same stuff in xlsx!
  • creat gem: task: input=file with ean-codes, standard output show ean-codes + atc-code. Source is Swissmedic Packungen.xlsx or XML.
  • Import via data/medreg_companies.yaml
  • Fix problem with radioactivatum 99m-technetio when parsing Wirkstoffe
  • Fix galenic_forms when parsing swissmedic.xlsx
  • Cleanup generic_type. Replace it everywhere by sl_generic_type and adapt code accordingly.
  • Get updated ATC-codes from EPha for, too.
  • Use refdatabase for, too.
  • Check whether we should revert the part which touche src/plugin/text_info.rb of commit 17af82ba4d76a5838683411b260de265531f9e74. We should improve test/stub/oddbapp.rb to work similar for update/pointer as the real oddbapp. In this case we would have a good Stub for plugins. May we need a different stub when working with plugins (which create/modify/destroy ODDB-Objects), when in most other cases a very simple stub is sufficient.
  • When a logged in admin user changes an atc_code of a product, the corresponding atc_class must update its sequences, too.
  • Order of entering search type and value should not matter. Both should show long URL with search
  • Remove parser for minifi (but keep the minifi)
  • BSV-Plugin does not send mail. Is it sending two mails at once?
  • remove obsolete pdf_patinfo in model, admin/views
  • Fix sbsm/htmlgrid when DEFAULT_FLAVOUR is nil

Setup on oddb-ci2

Trying to make the migration to utf-8 to work. Added all order, products, customers, promotions, quota and subject to classes to be migrated. All of them report 0 items when starting sudo -u apache /usr/local/bin/ruby231 /home/niklaus/git/bbmb/bin/migrate_to_utf_8 config=/var/www/ Zeno told me that, the bbmb databases are older than those from ydim. Therefore I am looking at changes in odba which could explain this behaviour.

Comparing the persistence setup of ydim and bbmb. Starting with odba.rb. Looking at bbmb_model_customer_customer_id in sandoz_bbmb-2016-05-17-backup.gz we find many entries. But may be the table bbmb_model_customer_email (origin_id, search_term, target_id) with entries like 3413 11 *@* 11 is easier to debug.


 zgrep -nw 11 /var/backup/fast/db_dumps/sandoz_bbmb-2016-05-17-backup.gz 
180:11  4100600427      11
1892:11 7601001004214   11
3413:11 *@*       11
844426:11       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        \N      t       BBMB::Model::Customer
934711:11       12
934712:11       13
934713:11       14
934715:14       11
966573:11       29948
966749:29948    11

But when running bbmb/bin/migrate_to_utf_8 I see in the log FEHLER: Relation �bbmb_model_customer_email� existiert nicht. Why? DB seems okay as it reports DB used is sandoz_bbmb user: sandoz auth:. Runing psql -U sandoz sandoz_bbmb --host=localhost I can debug some entries with:

sandoz_bbmb=# select count(*) from bbmb_model_customer_email;
(1 Zeile)

sandoz_bbmb=# \dS bbmb_model_customer_email;
Tabelle »public.bbmb_model_customer_email«
   Spalte    |   Typ   | Attribute 
 origin_id   | integer | 
 search_term | text    | 
 target_id   | integer | 
    "origin_id_bbmb_model_customer_email" btree (origin_id)
    "search_term_bbmb_model_customer_email" btree (search_term)
    "target_id_bbmb_model_customer_email" btree (target_id)
sandoz_bbmb=# select * from bbmb_model_customer_email where origin_id = '11';
 origin_id |            search_term            | target_id 
        11 | *@* |        11
(1 Zeile)
sandoz_bbmb=# select count(*) from ydim_autoinvoice_unique_id;
(1 Zeile)

sandoz_bbmb=# select count(*) from ydim_debitor_email;
(1 Zeile)

Comparing odba 1.1.0 (which is used on fastpower for with the current version. Broke into pry where I expected all customers. Calling ODBA.cache.fetch('3') returns a Hash with 322 entries. And ODBA.cache.fetch('11').class is YDIM::Debitor. But trying to look at all elements using pry throws errors like ODBA::Stub was unable to replace BBMB::Model::Order#26256 from BBMB::Model::Customer:#21 But ODBA.cache.extent(BBMB::Model::Customer) returns an empty array [].

It looks as if we can the YDIM classes, but not the bbmb ones

[49] pry(main)> ODBA.cache.extent(YDIM::Debitor).size
=> 386
[51] pry(main)> ODBA.cache.extent(YDIM::Debitor)
=> "Hackethal"

Using the 3 YDIM classes makes me proceed a log furhter, but I am getting 2339 errors NoMethodError: undefined method `keys' for nil:NilClass when updating index. But I sucessfully migrated

2016-05-23 13:55:23 +0200: Start migrating 362 debitors
2016-05-23 13:55:31 +0200: Start migrating 2299 invoices
2016-05-23 13:56:26 +0200: Start migrating 40 autoinvoices

Must replace in bin/bbmbd VERSION = `cg-object-id` by VERSION = `git rev-parse HEAD`. Now I get the sanoz login.

When trying to login, I the in log/error_log the lines

[Mon May 23 14:27:48 2016] [warn] Unable to load url configuration: can't convert nil into Hash
[Mon May 23 14:27:48 2016] [notice] Hint: store configuration in a YAML-File at DOCUMENT_ROOT/../etc/trans_handler.yml

Changed /service/ to

exec 2>&1
exec sudo -u apache /usr/local/bin/ruby231 /usr/local/bin/yusd config=$DIR/etc/yus.yml

and restarted Now the login fails but return to the original URL. And I see in the file /service/

@400000005742fce739ee0a3c I, [2016-05-23T14:51:41.971769 #9408]  INFO -- Yus::Server: Login attempt for from ch.bbmb
@400000005742fce739f011c4 W, [2016-05-23T14:51:41.971983 #9408]  WARN -- Yus::Server: Authentication failed for

Trying to add myself as a new root user I get the following error

sudo yus_add_user login org.oddb.RootUser
Ignoring byebug-8.2.4 because its extensions are not built.  Try: gem pristine byebug --version 8.2.4
Ignoring ffi-1.9.10 because its extensions are not built.  Try: gem pristine ffi --version 1.9.10
Password for 
/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.3.0/gems/yus-1.0.2/bin/yus_add_user:60:in `<top (required)>': undefined method `callcc' for main:Object (NoMethodError)
        from /usr/local/bin/yus_add_user:23:in `load'
        from /usr/local/bin/yus_add_user:23:in `<main>'
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