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  • xmlconv should use parameters from bbmb to send E-Mails
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xmlconv should use parameters from bbmb to send E-Mails

Must find a way that sandoz.xmlconv can pass config parameter for sending E-Mails from bbmb.conf. How can I accomplish this. bin/xmlconvd loads as specified in the config parameter, various conversion/postprocess libraries, e.g. conversion/bdd_csv and postprocess/bbmb2.

I will try adding a new entry smtp_config (pointing to /var/www/ in /var/www/ When starting xmlconvd I will add all config values starting with smtp from there to the XmlConv::Config.

In a discussion with Zeno we decided to add the needed smtp parameter in etc/xmlconv.yml. This works fine after the changes from commit setup correct smtp delivery if config.smtp_server is given

Now attacking the problem to fix polling via POP3. First changing the configuration for reader XundartBdd in etc/polling.yml to use directly the pop3 server without passing via the stunnel port 1000 as on fastpower. Polling with user fails. Using my own accout to test. But pry still shows the following error

[1] pry(#<XmlConv::Util::PopMission>)> ::Mail.first
Errno::ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused - connect(2) for nil port 995
from /usr/local/lib/ruby/2.3.0/net/pop.rb:545:in `initialize'

Why is the connection refused? Changed the call to ::Mail.defaults to pass the retriever_method option via a hash. Now testing againg with user This works also. Now I must adapt handling the incoming mails. There is test for pop in test/test_util/polling_manager.rb. Looking whether it can/should be adapted to our situation.

The first try did not work. Somehow my newly created mail do not get parsed properly. I think I should better use a realword example from fastpower, .eg. the file /var/www/

Pending problems are:

  • Adapt parsing the received E-Mail to the gem mail using a real world example.
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