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  • Show evidentia Button in FI and Searchresult if GTIN is present in XLS
  • Keep in Mind



Show evidentia Button in FI and Searchresult if GTIN is present in XLS

Must add:

  • jobs/import_evidentia_fi_search_links
  • a plugin for evidentia (src/plugin/evidentia_links.rb)
  • where do we get the csv file from

How do we store best the information. Into separate @evidentia_search_links in oddb_app?

Implementing a solution where the file is read each time the application is starting. Delay is negligable.

Creating a unit test.

Zeno specified, that this file will be under data/csv and that the import is started only manually.

Import works, but storing into oddb gives the error uninitialized constant OddbPrevalence::EvidentiaSearchLink when calling evidentia_search_link('7680651540068') in bin/admin. Fixed by using fully qualified name ODDB::EvidentiaSearchLink. Now bin/admin works fine

  ch.oddb> evidentia_search_link('7680651540068')
  -> 7680651540068 Levetiracetam Desitin®
  ch.oddb> evidentia_search_link('7680651540068').gtin
  -> 7680651540068
  ch.oddb> evidentia_search_link('7680651540068').link
  ch.oddb> evidentia_search_link('7680651540068').trademark
  -> Levetiracetam Desitin®

Creates email on import with either number of imported itemslike

  2016-08-02 17:56:26 +0200 Added 19 search_links from /var/www/

or complains about missing csv like

  File /var/www/ does not exist

Pushed commit Add import_evidentia_fi_search_links

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