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  • Improve evidentia product portrait
  • Update migel products from Bauernfeind
  • Fix BBMB unit tests
  • Keep in Mind



Improve evidentia product portrait

The following improvements must be made:

  1. Mouseover off Icon must be "Produktportrait"
  2. Icon in search list should be of size 24x24. See commit ttps://
  3. Legende in FI shoud be "evidentia Produktportrait" instead of evidentia
  4. Link should open inside a new tab instead off the regular evidentia page

Pushed commits:

Update migel products from Bauernfeind

Import starts only when a file name is given. Why? Also starting bin/migeld on the command line shows the line (offline mode: enter name=value pairs on standard input) while waiting for an input from STDIN. Updating to sbsm 1.3.0 fixed this problem. Thanks to Yasuhiro for fixing the problem!

Achieved 100% coverage for spec/util/csv_importer_spec.rb. This cleaned up also error messages.

Running import of whole file. Main loop takes about 12 minutes, but init_fulltext_index_tables takes a long time (about 35 minutes).

Report shows funny lines like this

Migelids without products (7)[" erfasst", 
" erfasst", 
" erfasst", 
" erfasst", 
" erfasst", 
" erfasst", 
" erfasst"]

But this corresponds to 850 lines in update_migel_bauerfeind.csv like

  11032500080001;4024029254370;MyoTrain,titan,1;MyoTrain,titane,1;3823587;nicht erfasst; Fr. 196.00 ;MyoTrain,titan,1;MyoTrain,titane,1

Compared an existing entry of with a newly registered one and found that the following fields were not updated:

  • company_name
  • ean_code
  • status

Is it correct to force the status to 'A' and the company_name to 'Bauernfeind AG'?

Added sending the report via email (including such a test). Removing no longer used lib/migel/util/smtp_tls.rb.

Dropping and reloading migel db from thinpower. Fixing an error, where the product was not found correctly.

Cleaned the reports by reporting only uniq URL for Migelids with/without products. If nothing has changed, report is generated after about 4 minutes.

Pushed commit Added jobs/import_migel_bauernfeind.

Fix BBMB unit tests

Added the lines

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# encoding: utf-8
$: << File.expand_path('..', File.dirname(__FILE__))

to the test/*/test*.rb files of BBMB to be able to run each of them individually.

Found a weird error. test/util/test_invoicer.rb works with seed 7713, but not with 62766

niklaus@oddb-ci2 ~/git/bbmb $ SEED=62766 /usr/local/bin/ruby231 test/util/test_invoicer.rb 
Run options: --seed 62766

# Running:


Finished in 0.058377s, 68.5205 runs/s, 582.4241 assertions/s.

  1) Failure:
BBMB::Util::TestInvoicer#test_create_invoice [test/util/test_invoicer.rb:77]:
Expected: #<OpenStruct unique_id=2>
  Actual: -UNDEFINED-

4 runs, 34 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 2 skips

You have skipped tests. Run with --verbose for details.
niklaus@oddb-ci2 ~/git/bbmb $ SEED=7713 /usr/local/bin/ruby231 test/util/test_invoicer.rb 
Run options: --seed 7713

# Running:


Finished in 0.049333s, 81.0811 runs/s, 750.0004 assertions/s.

4 runs, 37 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 2 skips

You have skipped tests. Run with --verbose for details.

SEED=34187 produces even more errors. Some errors could be fixed by restoring BBMB.config in each teardown to it original value.

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