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  • port sbsm/ to use the rack webserver
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port sbsm/ to use the rack webserver

Must find why the return page content is marked as text/plain instead of text/html. This was fixed by adding the line headers.each{ |key, value| @response.set_header(key, value) } in the method drb_process of lib/sbsm/request.rb.

Now the HTML displays nicer (it is marked as text/html), but the GET for resource/steinwies.css returns text/html instead of text/css. Also going to a link like we still display the same text as

Must check why the URL does not get resolved correctly. With the help of http fox I see, that I don't get an answer with a cookie. Why?

Somehow the transaction of steinwies does not get activated. Trying to run the unittests. is helpful, but Gemfile is missing a reference to the test gem foreman. Added it to the Gemfile.

Pushed commit Fixed typo in readme. Added foreman to Gemfile

Now trying to create a working .travis.yml for nodeenv must be installed via PIP on travis-ci, as there is not (yet) an Ubuntu package for it available. Fixed this. Now there is no /home/travis/build/ngiger/ present. Fixing it via Rakefile.

Pushed commits:

Improved my Apache setup to have the old (mod_ruby based) and the new (rack based) running under and the This should allow me compare both versions easily.

Found out that the doc/resources/errors/appdown.html is missing for Instead it displays an 404 "Not Found" page.

Verified, that my version of sbsm still passes all unit tests. But remarked, that the coverage is not very good. Especially in the modules I touched.

Removed methods TagMaker::nOE_element_def and CGI::pretty which are now present in the libraries of all Ruby versions > 1.8.

Also return the HTML body prettyfied to ease debugging.

Tomorrow I must debug how the old sbsm handled requests for css/ico files. Or was this handled with via mod_ruby?

Pushed some commits to my private rack branch:

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