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Make work with rack based SBSM

Preserving and accessing the session info is still a problem. Also test coverage for some important parts is missing, e.g. lookandfeel, viral_states, state and session. Also no tests exist for user login/logout.

Test coverage is around 60%. Will work on adding a test for login/logout after, but first I must see, why the user_inpurt and persistent_userinput don't get passed to the KontaktState. Trying to replace SBSM::Session by Rack::Session.

Conserving the sesssion-id is working now correctly. Pushe commit Derive SBSM::App from SBSM::DRbServer

After adapting in Steinwies, I finally go into toe confirm page! Sending Mail fails because of an STMPAuthentication error. But that is an error in my config! Looks like I am finally on the right side of the river!

Trying to make the unit-test of sbsm for submitting a form. Not making much progress. Therefore trying to make the unit test of Steinwies pass. This is easier, as here I already had discovered on how to get the state_id as a hidden form input, which can be used to for posting it afterwards.

For still unknown reasons submitting the kontakt works with Chromium, but not under Firefox. The unittest shows the same error as Firefox. Will debug this tomorrow.

Pushed commits:

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