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  • Finish conversion to use Steinwies with rack based SBSM
  • Convert to use SBSM 1.3.1 with rack
  • Keep in Mind



Finish conversion to use Steinwies with rack based SBSM

Goals are to have a few commits porting the content of the rack branch into the master branches of sbsm and Tests should work on travis-ci, too. Some pending tests are okay, as stuff like login/logout will be tested in

In SBSM fixed unit tests and cleanup documentation with commits

Trying to fix the travis-ci build with Add chrome driver for travis

Ported changes from rack branch to master in SBSM with the commits

Last commits has 386 additions and 427 deletions. I always love it if I can to the same with less code. And having a much better test infrastructre is nice, too.

Needed some time to understand howto use a common logger for Rack and SBSM. Also fixed configuring (and overriding for the spec test) of the servername/port defined in etc/config.yml. Done with commit Made logger configurable. Less logging

Pushed changes in Steinwies master branch

Reworked the spec test for to achieve the following goals:

  • Run spec tests using different ports than production
  • Logging while running spec and unit tests should go into seperate file

Pushed commit Fixed setup for running spec tests. Fixed kontakt_spec. Use mail instead of smtp_tls

Cleaned up test_help with commit [[ /3ae202b7dc84ee34d8a19f60bd7e61a72ece14b8|Cleanup test_helper. Use spec/tst_util]]

Working on adapting the services for steinwies and steinwies.rack. Adding the following two lines to the etc/config.yml

log_pattern: /var/www/' 
server_port: 8006               

Pushed commit Use port 8006. Fix Gemfile.lock.

Asking Zeno whether we should add the svc/run, svc/log/run, svc.rack/run, svc.rack/log/run to the source code.

Convert to use SBSM 1.3.1 with rack

Forked the zdavatz repository. Fixed some typs (oneliner). Must first fix all unit tests. Also thinking about using the chromedriver instead of phantomjs for the watir tests. Found some nice utilities for handling the watir tests.

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