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Convert to use SBSM 1.3.1 with rack

The following tests failed:

Looking again at the unit tests and their failures, as the hand made tests show only one failure. Creating a for tests like in

Also converting send_mail to use the same Mail class as in ALso I found no test for sending mails.

Pushed the following commits:

Now I have as test result 8 runs, 25 assertions, 3 failures, 4 errors, 0 skips and must work on making them pass.

Looking at the test/feature/articles_test.rb I found that it fails when trying to follow the link of the article, which is a javascript. It fails, because I am running in the test the real db_manager and not the support/stub/db_manager. This has to be corrected. The easiest is probably by moving this definition to the config.yml, too. TFixed this problem, but I still have problems following the links which use javascripts. Are they not corrrectly served while running tests? Okay the problem is, that I do not have dojo installed in the git checkout. Added a test in test_helper to make all tests fail very eary when dojo is not installed. Updated test_helper to download dojo if it is missing. This should make the tests run on travis-ci, too.

Pushed commit Made unit tests work. Install dojo if missing

But tests work only when running under chromedriver. Not with phantomjs.

Now must add a test to see whether sending an e-mail works or not. Found first some other tests to be completed in test_shop.rb. Two small helper method made them work and one shows that clicking on Title of article does not work. Verified on, where visiting produced NoMethodError undefined method `artobject_id' for nil:NilClass

I think I will change to_html in sbsm/session.rb not to catch the standard error, to see the nice webrick backtrace.

Discovered that has also a problem and is displayin NoMethodError undefined method `artobject_id' for nil:NilClass. Therefore I must fix a problem in

Suddenly I don't get any real output when running the test rake for Why? A reboot fixed this problem. Don't know why.

Pushed commit to sbsm Let webrick handle the exception and display a nice callback

Pushed commits:

Todo for next week:

  • Fix displaying animated gif
  • Fix test for sending an e-mail in shop
  • Fix displaying pager items in shop
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