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  • Update ATC/DDD with values for 2017
  • Port to Ruby 2.4.0
  • Keep in Mind



Update ATC/DDD with values for 2017

Must update the DDD values for 2017 with the file received from Zeno. These are XML files, but as we have a working jobs/import_whocc (which parses the online database) we decided to postpone creating a new importer for the XML-files as our expectation is that the result should be the same as the existing job.

Port to Ruby 2.4.0

We want to port to Ruby 2.4.0 (or 2.3.x) and first using mod_ruby, then using rack. I want the following steps:

  • Run the watir tests against the current installation and skip all non-relevant failing tests
  • Install ruby 2.4.0 under /usr/local/ruby-2.4.0
  • Update the ruby2x branch of by merging the newer changes
  • Start with ruby 2.4.0 and fix all failures
  • Run watir tests to see where we have failures and fix them
  • Add a jobs/import_all which runs all possible importers of import_daily in a sensible order (atc, swissmedic, etc) and fix failures

Running watir tests in /home/niklaus/git/ with command rspec 2>&1 | tee rspec-1.9.3.log. Many failures, because the evidentia setup is missing. Also I must fix paypal as there is a new confirm question. Done with commit Fix paypal. New confirm question

Create gen_ruby_240 (See Attach:gen_ruby_240.txt) script to compile from src.

Running all the specs takes around 45 minutes. Having 29 failures and 18 pending (skipped) tests. 5 of the failures stem from the fact that the ZSR does not work any longer and leads to failure in rezept_and_instantsearch_spec.

Some spec tests work fine when running isolated. Not skipping them. Added skip 'check_nutriflex_56091 only works with sequence, not with package'. The watir test for the sponsored login of desitin fails on oddb-ci2, but works on Skipping it. Pushed Fix some watir tests

Merged recent changes into ruby2x branch and running test/suite.rb with Ruby 1.9.3. I have the following lines with failures

877 runs, 969 assertions, 3 failures, 5 errors, 46 skips
39 runs, 38 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips
2 runs, 9 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors, 0 skips
16 runs, 13 assertions, 0 failures, 3 errors, 0 skips
81 runs, 76 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 6 skips
67 runs, 71 assertions, 2 failures, 0 errors, 1 skips
1 runs, 1 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

When running bundle install with ruby 2.4.0 I get the following errors

bigdecimal.c: Auf höchster Ebene:
cc1: Warnung: nicht erkannte Kommandozeilenoption »-Wno-self-assign«
cc1: Warnung: nicht erkannte Kommandozeilenoption »-Wno-constant-logical-operand«
cc1: Warnung: nicht erkannte Kommandozeilenoption »-Wno-parentheses-equality«
cc1: Warnung: nicht erkannte Kommandozeilenoption »-Wno-tautological-compare«
Makefile:260: die Regel für Ziel „bigdecimal.o“ scheiterte
make: *** [bigdecimal.o] Fehler 1

Do I run I too old version of gcc (gcc-Version 4.9.3)? Using sudo emerge gcc to install gcc 5.3. This was not successfull as I had not enough space in / (var or tmp)

Copied Gemfile.lock to /var/www/ and pulled the changes. Now trying to start using sudo -u apache /usr/local/bin/ruby-2.4.0/bin/bundle exec bin/oddbd fails

niklaus@oddb-ci2 /v/w/> sudo -u apache /usr/local/bin/ruby-2.4.0/bin/bundle exec bin/oddbd 
bundler: failed to load command: bin/oddbd (bin/oddbd)
NameError: uninitialized constant Psych::ENGINE
  /var/www/ `<top (required)>'
  bin/oddbd:13:in `require'
  bin/oddbd:13:in `<top (required)>'

Pushed the commits

Now I have the following startup problem

process: Oddb (OddbApp)
bundler: failed to load command: bin/oddbd (bin/oddbd)
NameError: undefined method `odba_id' for module `Kernel'
  /usr/local/bin/ruby-2.4.0/lib/ruby/2.4.0/delegate.rb:85:in `instance_method'
  /usr/local/bin/ruby-2.4.0/lib/ruby/2.4.0/delegate.rb:85:in `method_missing'
  /var/www/ `block in odba_add_reference'
  /var/www/ `synchronize'
  /var/www/ `odba_add_reference'
  /var/www/ `block (3 levels) in fetch_or_restore'
  /var/www/ `fetch_or_do'
  /var/www/ `block (2 levels) in fetch_or_restore'
  /var/www/ `synchronize'
  /var/www/ `block in fetch_or_restore'
  /var/www/ `fetch_or_do'
  /var/www/ `fetch_or_restore'
  /var/www/ `block in fetch_named'
  /var/www/ `fetch_or_do'
  /var/www/ `fetch_named'
  /var/www/ `initialize'
  bin/oddbd:46:in `new'
  bin/oddbd:46:in `<top (required)>'

Updating to odba 1.1.2 (from 1.1.0) fixed this problem. Next error is

FEHLER:  Relation »target_id_oddb_package_name_with_size_company_name_and_ean13« existiert bereits
process: Oddb (OddbApp)
init system
init system: 4.971053319
setup drb-delegation
reset: 4.971164932
system initialized
initialized: 4.971254943
error in SBSM::Session#to_html: /
undefined method `unit' for 1:Integer
/var/www/ `rescue in <=>'
/var/www/ `<=>'
/var/www/ `=='
/var/www/ `size'
/var/www/ `method_missing'
/var/www/ `block in size'
/var/www/ `collect'
/var/www/ `method_missing'
/var/www/ `size'
/var/www/ `method_missing'

I think I must fix now first the unit tests, as I have quite a few errors there. Fixed some more errors because of yaml/syck problem with commit Update tests to yaml/syck under ruby 2.x

Seems like the CGI implementation has changed too.

  1) Error:
NoMethodError: undefined method `element_init' for #<CGI:0x0055d50943d530>
    /home/niklaus/git/ `initialize'
    test/test_view/pager.rb:72:in `new'
    test/test_view/pager.rb:72:in `test_to_html'

Fixed by removing the call to element_init in the stub. Fixed test_generics_xls.rb where Ruby 2.4.0 treats floats a little bit different.

Must changed expected raises from RuntimeError -> StandardError in test/test_plugin/bsv_xml.rb. Pushed commit Fix some warnings/errors/rounding

Still having the error undefined method `unit' for 1:Integer. Will see tomorrow how to fix it. Maybe I need to update sbsm or htmlgrid.

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