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  • Port virbac to use Rack
  • Text changes for a video does not work for
  • Fetch history from bitfinex
  • Keep in Mind
    • add formula as column for DDD export job



Text changes for a video does not work for

This problem must be fixed.

First updated Gemfile to match the one really in use on fastpower with commit Fixed Gemfile to reference specific SBSM version. Now trying another time to see whether I can reproduce the problem or not.

A local edit of the first movie did work well. Trying now the movie "Bhutan 1999". Here locally I am unable to edit the text, as it is not an editable item. Why?

Banging my head why these changes are not saved. Makeing bin/admin work again as it was not yet adapted the rack. Beging to start but the config is not read correctly (uses port 9998). Adding server_uri: druby://localhost:14000 to etc/config.yml fixes this problem but now I get

davaz> art_objects.size
-> undefined method `_admin' for #<Yus::Server:0x000000024eda70>

After fiddling around I got

davaz> art_objects.size
-> admin interface disabled

Fixed this problem by adding the following lines to bin/admin

module SBSM
  class SessionStore
    ENABLE_ADMIN = true

now bin/admin returns now

davaz> load_tags
-> undefined local variable or method `load_tags' for #<SBSM::SessionStore:0x00559ce260a188>

Will fix this error tomorrow.

Port virbac to use Rack

Must fix in BBMB/SBSM/virbac. Tests for viral states, et al. Also the state does not change immediately to logout after a login. Why?

The unit tests in bbmb do not exercise the Login state defined in lib/bbmb/html/state/login.rb. There are some mocked occurences of login.

Fetch history from bitfinex

Converted Timestamp to HH:MM:SS format. Reading etc/config.yml with content like this

api_key: 'A1234677777777777777777777777777'
secret: 'XXXX1234677777777777777777777777777'

Added .gitignore, Gemfile, etc for a working gem with commit CSV file with last 500 entries and better timestamp

Now the next problem is that we can only fetch at most 500 items a time. Fixed with commit Pull all history items

Now Zeno wants also a sum for the different deposits. Hope he is happy with commit Print summary for different types of transactions

There is a rate limit for this service. Handled it by showing Got ERR_RATE_LIMIT while fetching trading USD until 2017-03-06 14:23:16 +0100 and exiting with result code 2. Now fetching all 3 currencies and wallets work. Pushed commit Iterate over 3 wallets with 3 currencies

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