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  • Improve rapflag to show daily summaries
  • Ignore violates_patent? in
  • Keep in Mind



Fetch history from bitfinex

Must add a flag --clean to show summaries for each day. Ruby script begins to be too big. Therefore adding a spec tests using VCR to create a repeatable output.

Added a first VCR cassete for downloading create_csv_history('exchange', 'BTC'). Using VCR also avoids problems with rate limiting of the web API.

Pushed commit Added spec tests. Moved generated csv to output

Used trollop to generate the help. E.g.

bundle exec bin/rapflag.rb -h
  -c, --clean    Create summary of transactions by day
  -h, --help     Show this message

Pushed commit Create summary for daily transactions

Ignore violates_patent? in

Found via bin/admin the following information about sequences with violated patentes

ch.oddb> sequences.find{|x| x.violates_patent?}
-> Eplerenon Sandoz 25 mg, Filmtabletten
ch.oddb>  sequences.find_all{|x| x.violates_patent?}.size
-> 20
ch.oddb> sequences.find_all{|x| x.violates_patent?}.collect{|x| x.iksnr}.uniq
-> ["66163", "66240", "65892", "66003", "66060", "66068", "66107", "65387", "65728", "66155", "66083"]

Pushed commit Don't ignore sequences which have the flag violates_patent?

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