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Adding more debug info on logged in user. The login_out_test does a login. The logout button is present in all manually tested link like photos, gallery EXCEPT for the link where we logged in. Why?

What I see in the logs it that after submitting the form I have a line after the the @@::1 - - [22/Mar/2017:09:42:10 +0100] "GET /en/admin? HTTP/1.1" 200 16 0.0206 @@a D, [2017-03-22T09:42:10.459211 #29680] DEBUG -- : session.rb:234:in `block in process_rack' Changing from DaVaz::State::Gallery::Init 47351643547420 to state DaVaz::State::Gallery::Init 47351642855600 remember nil

Here we should change to DaVaz::State::AdminGallery instead of DaVaz::State::Gallery. But where in do we decide about it? The AdminGallery is on element of the array EVENT_MAP. EVENT_MAP are used lib/sbsm/state.rb to define the allowed events of a state. Looks like it is not reloaded after the login. Why?

Saved my current state

The Real problem is, that to many cookies are being set all the time.

and here

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