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  • Rapflag support for Poloniex must calculate correct balance
  • ODDB: Parse Swissmedic and lists
  • Keep in Mind



Rapflag support for Poloniex must calculate correct balance

The income is not calculate correctly, it should be not null. When adding up Lending Income for a given day we must use the Close date not the Open date. It looks to me as the poloniex gem returns by default only 500 lending entries. Trying to increment the entries limit.

Created ywesee branch to allow a ypoloniex gem. Pushed commit Ywesee modification for ypoloniex gem

Now I can download 1788 entries at one time, but the history only goes back to 2017.01.26. Therefore I must repeat it various time by adapting the end_time. This takes quite some time, as in total we have to download aver 28000 entries. Things look better now. But sign of fees was not correct. Adapting the spec tests, too. Now running rapflag -p takes several minutes to complete.

Pondering why I still have a difference of 0.00001482 between my balance at the end of 2016.04.04 and the value to compare. Did I not get all the lendings? No. The earned field of a lending is net income.

But on 2016.04.04 I still have a difference of -6.300000001679962e-07 for (current_balance + diff_day)-3.11708422. Some days after we have a difference, because use float. Does Poloniex use only 8 digits after the comma? The difference adds up to 0.050566453250035 at the end. Sometimes I see a jump, eg. of 0.003341059999997 on 2016.04.27. Why?

Pushed commit Download complete lending history. Don't consider fee

ODDB: Parse Swissmedic and lists

Pushed commit Remove obsolete pharmacokinetic link

Added code to add details about changed fields when running jobs/update_drugshortage.

Running update only if downloaded HTML code has changes.

Added update_drugshortage to import_daily, sending only a report if something has changed.

Now jobs/update_drugshortage finished in less than two minutes. But the inserted URL is wrong ( Why? Used a better selector, eg. css('a').

Pushed commit Added support for

Working on a reparse option. Also adding ATC-Code and name to the GTIN in the mail. When reparsing we automatically delete the latest file.

Pushed commit Added reparse options for drugshortage. Improved mail

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