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  • Fix virbac importer
  • Run Drugshortage Update after FI and PI Update
  • Keep in Mind



Fix virbac importer

Must add a correctly working bin/virbac_admin. Done with commit Add bin/virbac_admin

Now I have the following two problems on oddb-ci2

  • After running the bin/update_abschluss_artikel_artikel_fr_kunden twice I see two non active customers with ID 3219
  • bin/virbac_admin does not connect correctly to the virbac DRb service running on port 12003 (which works nice on fastpower)

The second point was fixed by correcting the server_url in etc/config.yml. After dropping and reloading the database I see only one customer (ID=700959) when visiting

Adapting CSV-Importer to delete all object which do not have the correct class.

After runnig sudo -u bbmb /usr/local/bin/bundle-240 exec /usr/local/bin/ruby-240 bin/update_abschluss_artikel_artikel_fr_kunden config=/var/www/ I see 50 Created new customer_id. Tried accessing 5 of them (4325, 3934, 4004, 4040, 701019) which showed the desired results But in I still have NoMethodError undefined method `customer_id' for nil:NilClass

Examining the problem using bin/virbac_admin shows that this is an Array and not a Customer. Deleting it with

ch.bbmb.virbac> BBMB::Model::Customer.odba_extent.find_all{|x| x.customer_id.to_i == 3219 }.class
ch.bbmb.virbac> BBMB::Model::Customer.odba_extent.find_all{|x| x.customer_id.to_i == 3219 }.size
 BBMB::Model::Customer.odba_extent.find_all{|x| x.customer_id.to_i == 3219 }.first.odba_delete
ch.bbmb.virbac> BBMB::Model::Customer.odba_extent.find_all{|x| x.customer_id.to_i == 3219 }.first.odba_id
ch.bbmb.virbac> BBMB::Model::Customer.odba_extent.find_all{|x| x.customer_id.to_i == 3219 }.odba_id
ch.bbmb.virbac> BBMB::Model::Customer.odba_extent.find_all{|x| x.customer_id.to_i == 3219 }.first.odba_delete
ch.bbmb.virbac> BBMB::Model::Customer.odba_extent.find_all{|x| x.customer_id.to_i == 3219 }

Rerunning import. Also ran sudo -u bbmb /usr/local/bin/ruby231 virbac_migrate_to_utf_8 to fix the UTF-8 problems. Did Zeno restore once a non converted DB or is the generated backup not UTF-8? Also virbac-yus is still using ruby186. Changing it to use ruby240 on oddb-ci2, by changing /service/ to

exec 2>&1
exec sudo -u bbmb /usr/local/bin/ruby-240 /usr/local/bin/yusd config=/var/www/

Migrated virbac-yus by calling sudo -u bbmb /usr/local/bin/ruby-240 /usr/local/ruby-2.4.0/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/yus-1.0.4/yus_migrate_to_utf_8 config=/var/www/

Discovered that displays "@" as name, with Silvia Gentilcore, Elestastrasse 26, 7310 Bad Ragaz, whereas it should be (from KUNDEN.CSV line 707) 4202,"A","VETtrust AG","Kleintierpraxis Flora","9500","Wil","Florastrasse 5","","D ","SG", Why?

Also has some problems with umlauts, eg., 4060 Abbühl but not with others, eg. 4325 & Bruno Unternährer.

Added odba_store after changing the content of the products, as some changes were not written correctly. Now the import takes much longer. E.g. the customer 3463 changed from Cinuos-chel to Schwellbrunn. Also checking the new created customer 4406 contains now the info "4406", "A", "", "Kleinterpraxis Julius Cäsar", "8400", "Winterthur", "Römerstrasse 47", "", "D ", "ZH", nil. (But without the e-mail address, which could not be changed)

Also I think this example shows that we cannot recreate customers correctly, as we are missing the organisation field. The fields "Kunden-Nr.","Status","Name1","Name2","PLZ","Ort","Strasse","E-Mail","Sprache","Kanton" from KUNDEN.CSV just don't correspond with the components displayed:

  • organisation
  • customer_id
  • ean13
  • turnover
  • history
  • title
  • drtitle
  • lastname
  • firstname
  • address1
  • address2
  • address3
  • plz
  • city
  • canton
  • email
  • order_confirmation
  • phone_business
  • phone_private
  • phone_mobile
  • fax

Banging my head why the method rename_user(old_name, new_name) in bbmb/util/server.rb (Which uses the BBMB.config.auth_url of "druby://127.0.01:12003") says #<DRb::DRbConnError: DRb::DRbServerNotFound> even when I see the process bbmb 14425 14424 0 15:31 ? 00:00:01 /usr/local/bin/ruby-240 /usr/local/bin/yusd config=/var/www/

Logging it at the same time via the HTML works find and in /service/ I see the lines

@400000005900a145387072bc FEHLER:  Relation »collection« existiert bereits
@400000005900a14628dd3844 I, [2017-04-26T15:31:40.685543 #14425]  INFO -- start: starting yus-server on druby://
@400000005900a53619d7e204 I, [2017-04-26T15:48:28.433423 #14425]  INFO -- Yus::Server: Login attempt for from ch.bbmb.virbac
@400000005900a53619d9b6c4 I, [2017-04-26T15:48:28.433673 #14425]  INFO -- Yus::Server: Authentication succeeded for
@400000005900a5361afd243c D, [2017-04-26T15:48:28.452759 #14425] DEBUG -- Yus::EntitySession: allowed?(login, ch.bbmb.virbac.Admin) returns true
@400000005900a5361b16d65c D, [2017-04-26T15:48:28.454449 #14425] DEBUG -- Yus::EntitySession: allowed?(login, ch.bbmb.virbac.Customer) returns false
@400000005900a536201bbbf4 D, [2017-04-26T15:48:28.538633 #14425] DEBUG -- Yus::EntitySession: allowed?(edit, yus.entities) returns true

Pushed commit Fix CSV-Importer.

For unknown reasons running sudo -u bbmb /usr/local/bin/ruby231 bin/update_abschluss_artikel_artikel_fr_kunden config=/var/www/ on fastpower is two or three times faster than on my machine. Log see Attach:fastpower_import.txt Δ

Run Drugshortage Update after FI and PI Update

We often got an error

Error: RuntimeError
Message: unable to parse

which we cannot explain. Zeno suspects that the file gets update at the time we are running the import. Therefore we try to run it after the PI/FI update.

Pushed commit Run update_drugshortage as last update

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