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AJAX components are too slow

Should calculate OpenURI href in src/view/tooltip.rb by a locally instead of fetching it via OpenURI.

Looking at which takes a long time to load because the facebook like button cannot be loaded.

In we see it marked as TODO.

But some queries, eg. (The /var/www/ shows 4.5083 seconds) now run a lot faster than on oddb-ci2.

The facebook like button works for Migel results, because contains the call to facebook_sdk + html. But this cannot be found in any other place.

The View::Facebook is included in the following files

src/view/migel/result.rb:  include View::Facebook
src/view/drugs/centeredsearchform.rb:  include View::Facebook
src/view/drugs/package.rb:  include View::Facebook
src/view/drugs/ddd_price.rb:  include View::Facebook

But which views of should really display a facebook like symbol?

It is more complicated to add a facebook_share than I thought at the beginnen. The migel was a hack that worked only for the migel result. But we must add it like the twitter_share in the src/view/additional_information.rb.

Now and display the facebook links. But in the it is displayed above the twitter and not beside.

As I had to set the lookandfeeld to a a default value, I must disable it all the LNFs, where it should not be displayed.

Zeno ran tests and we discovered that the facebook buttons take too much time. Therefore we decided:

The current diff is Attach:facebook_button_work_but_is_slow.diff.txt

Pushed commit Fixed displaying facebook like. Now I must fix the unit tests, too. Pushed commit Fix unit tests after removing facebook errors

Running smoketest. Had two errors should have a link to the english language version and should have a working instant search for Augmentin and going back. Skip the known problem with augmentin which contains a ( in the backtrace link). Ran the smoketest again and pushed commit Fix smoketest english.

Installed the new version on thinpower. Looked in /var/www/ for bot entries and found lines like - - [10/Jul/2017 16:22:49] "GET HTTP/1.1" 200 310442 0.6241 "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MJ12bot/v1.4.7;"

The http.conf defines to use the DocumentRoot /var/www/ where the robots.txt does NOT contain a line like Disallow: Disallow: /fr/homeopathy

Adding a new rack process for generika on thinpower.

Checking whether the apache.conf works fine for the log using curl -v --user-agent 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SemrushBot/1.2~bl; +'

And grepping on thinpower like this grep 'search_query/Metaneuron+N/search_type/st_oddb/currency/EUR' /var/www/*_log to find the entry

/var/www/ - - [10/Jul/2017 17:18:09] "GET HTTP/1.1" 200 310442 0.7736  "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SemrushBot/1.2~bl; +"

Which is wrong as it should have been redirected to the /var/www/ Will fix this tomorrow. Accessing produces log entries in /var/www/ But the lookandfeel is not respected. Fixed this problem. Current apache.conf is

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