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  • Correct http links
  • Improve settings to allow users to display only selected SL_categories
  • Keep in Mind


Search perferences branch

Index Correct http links

I must fix a few failing unit tests. Pushed the commits

Improve settings to allow users to display only selected SL_categories

Must modify the some GUI-Texts first. Done with commit GUI for preferences to select only SL, SL-Types, valid drugs

Then make the settings work. FIrst I must persist the settings. This was done using some javascript snippets. Must look on how to adapt them for the new fields. No. It was sufficient to add the new field to

  • src/state/global.rb
  • src/state/user/preferences.rb
  • src/util/validator.rb

Done with Save search preferences

Now I must adapt the search. As we already have a (most often not present) result_filter for each LNF. I want to generalize this approach.

Had to change the GUI layout to use Check-Boxes and not Radio-Buttons. Fixing validation.

Filtering gives a preliminary result of 10 out of 16 packages, but displays Ihr Such-Stichwort: "Inderal" hat ein leeres Resultat ergeben.. Why?

I must move the filters from src/state/global.rb to src/model/search_result.rb.

Looking at the code in src/model/search_result.rb I am quite sure, that the searches only return active packages. If this is the case, must I change it to return all packages or should we drop (or change the default value) for the preference "Nur aktuell zugelassene Medikamente".

The ResultSearch class initialized various times in util/oddbapp.rb. Shall I pass there an additional parameter for the filters there when calling methods like search_oddb, search_combined?

Had also to touch some methods like oddb_search in src/util/session.rb. But the filter does not yet work correctly, as I have unexpected behaviour because of the result attribute in the AtcFacade class.

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