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Index needs some minor redesign

Reworking src/view/*/welcomehead.rb to use view defined by src/view/welcomehead.rb.

After a discussion with Zeno we decided that we do not want to change as little as possible, eg. the ODDB logo must be center in the home page. The problem I have is, that the head of home page is defined in src/view/welcome.rb which is inherited by the specific views for doctors, pharmacies, etc. Therefore I must rework my commit Center logo and welcome.

The following rules were clarified.

  • No google sponsored add shall be show when
    • A user is logged in
    • A sponsor is present
  • The main home page (eg., /, /de/gcc, /de/gcc/home) shall have a centered ODDB logo

Adding a sponsor is not working at the moment, because I get the error System-Fehler: "undefined method `original_filename' for #<Hash:0x007f8a1c3a5dd8>"

Fixed with commit Fix getting sponsor logo file. This fix was necessary, because we use the rack interface, where uploading the files works differently.

Pushd commit of last yweek Removed fachinfo_search.

The file file doc/resources/gcc/logo.png is a PNG image data, 874 x 284, 8-bit/color RGBA image. But the size of the logo is fixed via src/custom/lookandfeelbase.rb to 285x122. Is this a good idea? I do not think so, as I would prefer to set the width/height (if necessary) also via the CSS, as it is already the case for the display and margin attributes. It think it is okay to specify a class, type or href in lookandfeelbase.rb, but the rest should only be governed by the CSS files.

The two element "Willkommen xy" shall be placed at the bottom left on the line with "Arzneimittel A-Z | ATC-Browser | Neuregistrierungen"

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Page last modified on November 07, 2017, at 08:15 AM