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Index needs some minor redesign

Must remove the top-bar "Arzneimittel A-Z | ATC-Browser | Neuregistrierungen" when displaying fachinfo and patinfo. This is the element called topfoot and can be removed as well as topfoot LNF-element used by Just-Medical and Extern.

Done with commits

Fixed another problem with the home page by commit Remove superfluos elements Arzneimittel et al in home The element "Willkommen xy" shall be placed at the bottom left on the line with "Arzneimittel A-Z | ATC-Browser | Neuregistrierungen". The company_logo of a logged in user should be placed in the welcome head at the right top.

Separating the method welcome into personal (returning the fullname) and personal_logo in src/view/personal.rb. Now the welcome is displayed in grey for certain CSS (oddb-blue, oddb-red, oddb-olive, oddb-purple). Setting them to white.

Removing all home_welcome* definitions from LNF and views with commit

Removing also unused banner variables.

We also must fix visiting /de/gcc/home_companies/ when we have a logged in user, which has no company logo.

But more important I must fix the problem when clicking "Neue Registrationen" on the home page. This problem was easily fixed with Avoid NPE if sequence has no company

Now serveral views eg. /de/gcc/search/zone/drugs/search_query/Inderal/search_type/st_sequence?#best_result do not display the welcome head. Why? results-template had no correct head.

Pushed the commits

Pushed commit Remove zone logos for doctors

How can I align the logo for de/gcc/home* in the middle and for the search result on the left? Must introduce a new CSS class search_logo and set the logo class correspondigly. Done with commit Align search_logo left

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Page last modified on November 07, 2017, at 05:09 PM