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  • needs some minor redesign
  • fix error in swissmedic plugin
  • Missing logo in appdown
  • fix update_medwin_companies
  • Keep in Mind
  • When postgreSQL is down, the appdown html is not shown. Why?



fix error in swissmedic plugin

Got the following error

Plugin: ODDB::SwissmedicPlugin

Error: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `priority' for nil:NilClass
/var/www/ `block in update'

This looks like a race condition when starting a new thread. Trying a work-around after reloading a new DB-dump.

Fixed with needs some minor redesign

Logo ist not correctly left align in instant search result. I will look at this in the context of unifying the personal/company/sponsor.log

Logo is not correctly centered when visiting

Fixed with commit Center logo when using search form

Continue working on displaying a correct sponsor/personal/company logo.

The GoogleAdSenseComposite places uses ad_sense to place a google add on the left and the right of a composite.

Tried to fix it. Running watir und unit tests before pushing commit.

Watir tests had problems because of the obsole fachinfo_search, some GTINs for the epha-interaction tests had to be changed, too. Also we still have the problem that a logged in user gets errors when going to home_companies.

Missing logo in appdown

This can be cured by adding lines like

RewriteRule /logo.png /var/www/ [L]

in the apache config. But now the logo is way too big. Therefore should set a width to eg. 350pt. This must be done for each LNF. In the case of evidentia we must use image002.png instead of logo.png.

Pushed commit Set logo width to 350px and installed new version of /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/


Running update_medwin_companies fails, because the Download URL and XML have changed. We must replace it by using src/plugin/refdata_partner.rb.

Running the jobs/import_refdata_partners to analyse the problem tomorrow.

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Page last modified on November 13, 2017, at 05:29 PM