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  • Fix displaying welcomehead
  • fix update_medwin_companies
  • Keep in Mind



Fix displaying welcomehead

Simplyfing code in src/view/personal.rb. This works now well. Minimizing the CSS classes for welcome(left|center|right).

Running watir tests this. Reviewing before pushing the changes.

Pushed commits:

Must correctly center the logo when displaying a home page. Simpliefied the definition of img.logo and img.welcomeleft by using common attributes in the CSS file.

Remarked that the FI (via LogoHead) did not align the logo on the left. Corrected it.

Adding 36px (same as below where we 14px from an empty line, and 22px from an empty list) for padding on top of the ODDB logo for the mobile LNF.

The Currency daemon no longer returns correct values (always nil). Running its spec tests shows an error. Investigating.



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Page last modified on November 15, 2017, at 06:09 PM