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  • needs some minor redesign
  • Fix rapflag bugs
  • Fix "undefined method `push' for nil:NilClass" in update_swissmedic
  • Keep in Mind



Fix "undefined method `push' for nil:NilClass" in update_swissmedic

Got the following error while running import_daily

Plugin: ODDB::SwissmedicPlugin

Error: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `push' for nil:NilClass
Did you mean?  puts
/var/www/ `method_missing'
/var/www/ `create_part'
/var/www/ `update_package'
/var/www/ `update_all_sequence_info'
/var/www/ `block in update_registrations'
/var/www/ `each'
/var/www/ `each_with_index'
/var/www/ `update_registrations'
/var/www/ `update'
/var/www/ `block in update_swissmedic'
/var/www/ `wrap_update'
/var/www/ `update_swissmedic'
/var/www/ `run'
jobs/import_daily:13:in `block in <module:Util>'
/var/www/ `run'
jobs/import_daily:12:in `<module:Util>'
jobs/import_daily:11:in `<module:ODDB>'
jobs/import_daily:10:in `<main>'

Adding a pry breakpoint and running bundle-240 exec ruby-240 jobs/import_swissmedic_only locally. It takes too long, dropping and reloading the database of thinpower (yesterdays dump). Restarting import.

Found the reason: parts is a Part and not an array. Adding a workaround and restarting the import_daily.

Pushed commit Workaround if is not an array needs some minor redesign

Pulled the changes on thinpower and restarted the concerned LNFs.

Must fix running the unit tests. Done with commits

Added a zone naviagation for interactions Add zone_navigation for interactions

Align the ODDB logo left with commit Align logo left unless in home

Must unify the sponsor and company_logo. These are the criterias:

  • If a user is logged in, no logo is shown (unless he is the user of company that has a logo)
  • If it belonges to flavor that is sponsored (eg. evidentia/desitin) display the logo of this company
  • If we have a global sponsor, display its logo
  • else show google ad

Pushed commit Align logo left in home_interactions

Fixed a minor problem with commit Don't show tootip for Selbstbehalt

Fix rapflag bugs

Must add LTC and BCH as default currencies, when config.yml does not specify any. Also must ignore yet another pattern. Done with commits

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Page last modified on November 08, 2017, at 03:41 PM