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Fix some design details

TODO items are:

  • Remove additional line in interaction between Zulassunginhaber und "Sie befinden sich in"
  • Move "Für den Direktvergleich" after the list of Drugs
  • Logo is centered when one wants to pay as PowerUser
  • Remove everywhere function to create receipts
  • Google-Tracking-Code for Just-Medical
  • Google add is missing in when asking for payall
  • Make unit tests pass travis-ci

It is hard to remove the additional line in as the "Analysen | Apotheken | Arzt | Interaktionen | Medikamente | MiGeL | Services | Spital | Zulassungsi" belong the to head, whereas "Sie befinden sich in - Home - Interaktionen Suchen" is part of the centeredsearchform, where we have in cases like Analysen on the right hand a search "Hier Suchbegriff eingeben", Suchen button.

Moved "Für den Direktvergleich klicken" to the left of "Legende einblenden". Now must align "Sortierung nach Stärke, Packung und Preis" and "Hier Suchbegriff eingeben". I was unable to align the search buttong on the same line as backtrace, as the SearchForm always add a new line. Pushed commit Move Direktvergleich to bottom

I will try to align the usage of View::ResultTemplate in Drugs/Interactions to the other useages in drugs/pharmacies etc. Must use the PrivateTemplate (which includes a SEARCH_HEAD) and not the PublicTemplate, which does not have a SEARCH_HEAD.

When I add the search via trademark/price etc to the interaction, submitting a query there, does not change the search zone to drugs, but leaves it at interactions (eg.g /de/gcc/search/zone/interactions/search_query/Ponstan/search_type/st_sequence)

Looking at the console output of the developer tools I find

# when searching trademark Ponstan

48: query.submit HIER Suchbegriff eingeben query is: Ponstan
7680576730049,undefined:185 get_to url url2

# when seaching for aspirin in interaction
selectXhrRequest: window.location.href searchbar: 7680576730049
(index):26 get_to url url2
Navigated to

Must replace /zone/interactions/search_query/ by /zone/drugs/search_query/ in various javascript. But this is still not enough and I land at, which still leads to an error. Iexpected something like

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Page last modified on November 27, 2017, at 05:11 PM