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Swissmedic-Diff Tool

Usage: bin/swissmedic-diff [-gnr] <file1> <file2> [<output>]

-g --group: sort by news, deletions and updates
-n --name: sort by name
-r --registration: sort by registration

How it works

Swissmedic-Diff compares two Swissmedic-Files with each other. It does this by comparing the columns and the lines. Only if a line or a value in a field has changed

 def update_registration

will run at


take the

 :renewal flag 

as an example.

No Packungen-lastest.xls

If there is no Packungen-latest.xls file then Swissmedic-Diff will compare the downloaded Packungen.xls packages directly with the Database. In this case the Update-Diff is ignored and only the "News" is kept for updating. "News" concerns all new packages.

Otherwise the downloaded Packungen.xls will be compared with the Packungen-latest.xls.

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