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Data and system structure

  • to understand the relationship between state(sbsm), view(htmlgrid), and model
  • to understand the main data(class) structure, Registration, Sequence, and Package.
  • to understand iksnr, seqnr, ikscd, eancode, pharmacode

How to access an object

  • to understand how to use bin/admin and the relation to src/util/oddbapp.rb (ODDB::App class)
  • to understand how to access an object of Registration, Sequence, and Package with eancode or pharmacode on bin/admin
  • to understand odba_id and oid, and how to access an object with odba_id and oid (ODBA.cache.fetch, and ODDB::App accessors)

Plugin and data update

  • to understand the main plugin, swissmedic.rb and bsv_xml.rb, and the relation to src/util/updater.rb (ODDB::Updater)
  • to understand how to update swissmedic and bsv_xml with bin/admin and the jobs scripts.


  • to understand migel data structure, Group, Subgroup, Product, Item.
  • to understand migel system (state and model are implemented in a separate drb process but view is used in (it will help to understand

After understanding, it is easier to understand ODBA. Then it will become more clear to understand ODDB::Persistence class.

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