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from ODBA - persistable.rb

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 A Persistable instance can be _prefetchable_. This means that the object
 can be loaded at startup by calling ODBA.cache.prefetch, and that it will 
 never expire from the Cache. The prefetch status can be controlled per 
 instance by setting the instance variable @odba_prefetch, and per class by 
 overriding the module constant ODBA_PREFETCH


Once an object is no longer needed in memory a stub for that object is created and the object itself is garbage collected. A stub relates to the persistable for faster access to the object in the database. A stub is like a pointer to a persistable, a persistable that is no longer in memory. The persistable can be fetched back faster via the stub.


  • odba/lib/odba/persistable.rb
  • odba/lib/odba/cache_entry.rb


In odba the array and hash is redefined in the persistable class.

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