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  1. Implement mail_order_price logo mymedi

  1. Ready for mail_order_price (
  2. Added jobs/import_mail_order_price (
  3. Added src/plugin/mail_order_price.rb to update Packge#mail_order_prices (
  4. If a logo file is set not by full path, the logo file is searched in doc/resources/logos directory when import_mail_order_price (

Implement mail_order_price logo mymedi


Note (for development)

  • Package::MailOrderPrice class is newly defined
  • Package::MailOrderPrice is a subclass of Struct class
  • An instance of MailOrderPrice is a Persistable object but it does not have odba_id, which means pointer method is unavailable.
  • Package#add_mail_order_price and or Package#delete_mail_order_price_at(index), Package#delete_all_mail_order_prices should be used rather than App#update, App#delete methods in order to update mail_order_price objects.

How to import data

jobs/import_mail_order_prices 'mail_order_price.csv', 'logo_company1_mail_order.jpg'


  • mail_order_prices.csv should be in data/csv directory and 'logo_company1_mail_order.jpg' should be in doc/resources/logos directory
  • Attach:mail_order_prices.csv.txt
  • edit src/custom/lookandfeelwrapper.rb to modify the look and feel for MyMedi
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