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This is connected to modruby

Main linker.exe reference


The moron's guide may also be helpful

Catching the DLLs content _imp__

 pexports libapr-1.dll | sed 's/^_imp__//' > libapr-1.def
 pexports libaprutil-1.dll | sed 's/^_imp__//' > libaprutil-1.def
 pexports libhttpd.dll | sed 's/^_imp__//' > libhttpd.def

then do

 dlltool -U -d libapr-1.def -l libapr-1.dll.a
 dlltool -U -d libaprutil-1.def -l libaprutil-1.dll.a
 dlltool -U -d libhttpd.def -l libhttpd.dll.a

Vincent tried this in 2004

And Nimrod A. Abing tried this in 2009
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