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  • does not display correctly the adsense
  • Some FI/PI have a bizare white hole on the right side
  • Keep in Mind


Index does not display correctly the adsense

Trying again the async version of google adsense in test9.html. See Attach:test9_html.txt. It displays only

Changing the code and trying it on oddb-ci2. Surrounding (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); by calls to console.log('Before|After pushing adsbygoogle'); to be able to verify that the code got executed. This displays a very ugly where the logo is way too big. Reading the code to limit width/heigth.

Working on making the size and placement correct for home_doctors. Adding different color for left/right and a border.

Trying to replace the ad-format using

-     data-ad-format="autorelaxed"
-     style="display:inline-block"
+     data-ad-format="rectangle"
+     style="display:block"

Found the following remark under

If I have multiple ad units on a page, do I have to include <script async src="//"></script> for each ad unit?
No, this is not necessary, adsbygoogle.js can be loaded once.


Can I set the size of the ad directly via CSS?
Yes you can, doing so allows you to dynamically specify the size of the ad that will be served.

Checking whether I can use additional_javascripts to load the adsbygoogle.js. Adapted the style to style="display:block height #{@height}px width {@width}px" and now the sizes look okay, but still do not show any images. Conservered state in 0001-Using-async-version-of-google-ad_sense.js.-Debug-28.patch. Removing cruft. After changing the css class from welcomeright to right in src/view/welcomehead.rb all search results are displayed correclty. Also the login screen.

Pushed the following commits

Some FI/PI have a bizare white hole on the right side


Should be fixed with commit Fix white hole in patinfo because of too small col_span

Fixed show a rack error when a FI is no longer present with commit Avoid nil error when diff info is no longer present. No it show the correct message, that the desired information is no longer present.

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