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Update of refdata_nat/jur fails

Zeno reported the following issue 151

    Import Swissmedic Job has a follower job for Refdata companies update
    This results in

/var/www/ `rescue in ensure_exists!'
/var/www/ `ensure_exists!'
/var/www/ `create'
/var/www/ `operation'
/var/www/ `call'
/var/www/ `download_partners_xml'
/var/www/ `get_latest_file'
/var/www/ `update'
/var/www/ `block in update_refdata_jur'
/var/www/ `wrap_update'
/var/www/ `update_refdata_jur'
/var/www/ `update_swissmedic_followers'
jobs/import_swissmedic:15:in `block in <module:Util>'
/var/www/ `run'
jobs/import_swissmedic:12:in `<module:Util>'
jobs/import_swissmedic:11:in `<module:ODDB>'
jobs/import_swissmedic:10:in `<main>'

Refdata is mixing HTTP with HTTPS requests oddb2xml#55

As I was already work on the port of the master branch to ruby 3.1 I opened the branch ruby30. With the two commits

I was able to run (with Ruby 3.0) the following to imports

  • sudo -u apache bundle-300 exec ruby-300 jobs/import_refdata_jur
  • sudo -u apache bundle-300 exec ruby-300 jobs/import_refdata_nat

Both completed without problem. Refdat_nat reported a very high number of changed doctors. I do not know why. Found in my inbox

Update of doctors

Number of doctors: 102479
Number of new doctors: 3912
Number of updated doctors: 15631
Number of inactive doctors: 3067

Details of new doctors are: 3912
7601000223692: Silvia Jäggi
7601000335579: Thomas Pechacek
7601000528506: Marco Cordova
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