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Ruby ruby 1.9.3dev Native-Thread warning

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I am compiling ruby ruby 1.9.3dev (2011-02-27 trunk 30970) [i686-linux] from

 git clone

running make results in this warning

**   Ruby is compiled with --enable-pthread, but your Tcl/Tk library 
**   seems to be compiled without nativethread support. Although you can 
**   create the tcltklib library, this combination may cause errors (e.g. 
**   hangs or segmentation faults). If you have no reason to keep the 
**   current nativethread support status, we recommend you reconfigure and 
**   recompile the libraries so that both or neither support nativethreads.
**   If you want change the status of nativethread support, please recompile
**   Ruby without "--enable-pthread" configure option (If you use Ruby 1.9.x
**   or later, you cannot remove this option, because it requires native-
**   thread support.) or recompile Tcl/Tk with "--enable-threads" configure 
**   option (if your Tcl/Tk is later than or equal to Tcl/Tk 8.1).
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