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  • Updated sponsor link
  • covered swf with transparent png
  • Changed breadcrumb link in fachinfo search view
  • Created :delete_all link for fachinfo search drugs



sponsor link from swf object

sponsor link over swf redirect dose not work expectedly. (maybe without IE).
Text link works fine. swf file is problme. Flash halt html link.

This swf file dose not have any location link.
I tried to add these swf parameters. (found in adobe support site)

  • allowScriptAccess
  • style pointer-events

But, these options also do not work in ...

  • firefox 12.0
  • Google Chrome 20.0.1132.34

Then tried these parameter also. it caused strange behavior.

  • wmode opaque(FireFox open 2 tabs, Chrome does not work)

Then used png hack.

I put transparent.png as clickable area upon flash swf object.

  • wmode is "transparent".
  • made transparent.png
$ import transparent.png (white png file)
$ convert -transparent white transparent.png  transparent.png (convert white color to transparent)
$ convert -resize 240x200 transparent.png transparent.png  (resize to adjust swf file)
$ ls -la transparent.png 
-rw-r--r-- 1 yasuhiro yasuhiro 348 Oct  1 11:01 transparent.png



Changed breadcrumbs to fi-search

Search result -> Home


Create delete_all function fi-search

Remove drugs from Session, and redirect to fachinfo_search event.


Add style purple

create new style "purple-blue".

continue tomorrow.

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