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  • create dat output for oddb2xml.



-f option

$ oddb2xml -f dat              # => oddb.dat
$ oddb2xml -f dat -a nonpharma # => oddb.dat and oddb_with_migel.dat

If `-f` is given, oddb2xml skips -o option.

% bin/oddb2xml --help
bin/oddb2xml ver.1.1.9
  oddb2xml [option]
    -a T, --append=T     Additional target. T, only 'nonpharma' is available.
    -c F, --compress=F   Compress format F. {tar.gz|zip}
    -f F, --format=F     File format F, default is xml. {xml|dat}
                         If F is given, -o option is ignored.
    -o O, --optional=O   Optional output. O, only 'fi' is available.
    -t S, --tag-suffix=S XML tag suffix S. Default is none. [A-z0-9_]
                         If S is given, it is also used as prefix of filename.
    -h,   --help         Show this help message.

We may also need Packungen.xls from Swissmedic for this value.
Currently, I use _only_ Status "A" and "I" from swissINDEX.


RECA: this is always 11
CMUT: If Refdata has the Status "I" then 3 if the Status is "A" then 1    # => (this status also from SwissINDX)
PHAR: Pharmacode from swissINDEX
ABEZ: Is the name in German from swissINDEX. Use the DE name please.
PRMO: Use the Ex-Factory price from BAG XML.
PRPU: Is the Publikums Preis. Take this price from the BAG-XML
CKZL: if the product has an SL-Flag set to 1 otherweise 0. Use BAG-XML
CLAG: If it is a COOL (Kühlprodukt) from Swissmedic set to 1 otherwise 0
CBGG: If it is a BM (Betäubungsmittel) set to 1 otherwise 0. BMs are
CIKS: This is the Swissmedic Flag (A, B, C, D, E)
ITHE: Take the Index Therapeuticus from the BAG-XML file.
CEAN: The the EAN-Code from swissINDEX
MWST (13): for all Pharma-Products set 1 for all NON-Pharma-Products set 2

Keys and Array INDEX.
This INDEX is needed for understanding of oddb2tdat's magic number (column INDEX)

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