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  • Add oddb_betrieb.xml and oddb_medizinalperson.xml



  • Download xls files from
  • The character encoding of these Excel is ISO-8859-1 Western Europe (ISO-8859-1).
  • Speratator is TAB

Spreadsheet: OLE2 signature is invalid (Ole::Storage::FormatError)

These .xls files are not Excel file. (These are just normal TAB separated TEXT...)

GLN Betrieb Betriebsname 1  Betriebsname 2  Strasse Nummer  PLZ Ort Bewilligungskanton  Land  Betriebstyp BTM Berechtigung  ^M
'7601002026444   Services psychiatrique Jura bernois - Bienne-Seeland Direction des soins     2713  Bellelay  Bern  Schweiz Spital  6011 Verzeichnis a/b/c BetmVV-EDI ^M
'7601001029323  Aadorf Apotheke   Bahnhofstrasse  8 8355  Aadorf  Thurgau Schweiz ?ffentliche Apotheke  6011 Verzeichnis a/b/c BetmVV-EDI ^M

for address xml.

$ oddb2xml --context address


$ oddb2xml -x addr
% be bin/oddb2xml --help
bin/oddb2xml ver.1.3.8
  oddb2xml [option]
    -a T, --append=T     Additional target. T, only 'nonpharma' is available.
    -c F, --compress=F   Compress format F. {tar.gz|zip}
    -f F, --format=F     File format F, default is xml. {xml|dat}
                         If F is given, -o option is ignored.
    -o O, --option=O     Optional output. O, only 'fi' is available.
    -i I, --include=I    Include target option for 'dat' format. only 'ean14' is available.
                         'xml' format includes always ean14 records.
    -t S, --tag-suffix=S XML tag suffix S. Default is none. [A-z0-9]
                         If S is given, it is also used as prefix of filename.
    -x X, --context      context for address (betrieb and person).
    -h,   --help         Show this help message.
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