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  • Repair login redirect
  • Fix auth error handling (UnknonwUser, AuthenticationError)



Transparent login redirect

Transparet Login

  • 5 times search --> transparent login ---> Back to search result.
  • If User failed 3 times, redirect to Top page.

Admin login (Login form)

  • Login form --> Top page

Fix Error handling.

This must be highlight field with red.

  • Yus::UnknownUserError
  • Yus::AuthenticationError

Without remeber me

In only some case, does not recognize authenticated user, without remeber_me option.(cookie) and sbsm do not have redirect halder.

D, [2013-05-28T14:55:13.833466 #5050] DEBUG -- Yus::TokenSession: allowed?(edit, org.oddb.drugs)
D, [2013-05-28T14:55:13.840621 #5050] DEBUG -- Yus::TokenSession: allowed?(edit, org.oddb.model.!atc_class.*)
I, [2013-05-28T14:57:07.003496 #5050]  INFO -- Yus::Server: Login attempt for from
I, [2013-05-28T14:57:07.003622 #5050]  INFO -- Yus::Server: Authentication succeeded for
I, [2013-05-28T14:57:07.037315 #5050]  INFO -- Yus::Server: Token-Authentication succeeded for
D, [2013-05-28T14:57:07.078575 #5050] DEBUG -- Yus::AutoSession: get_entity_preference(, key=association,

Session value does not works, expectedly (as normaly Session),
If redirect is caused, persistent value also gone.

Then I update login without remeber_me also to use cookie value, as temporary solution.

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Page last modified on May 28, 2013, at 09:10 AM