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  • Updated specs of brand2csv
  • Debuged response error on

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Debug brand2csv

Specs fail in travis-ci.
It seems that webmock does not work.(It creates real HTTP Request)

Brand2csv rescued all Exception (All-Type).
I could not see Errors from Webmock. Then I checked with raise, by my self.

Finaly, I added 2 stubs. My HTML Sutbs were not enough ... ;(


Following runners are same result.

% bundle exec rake spec
% bundle exec rspec

CI Result my cloned repository.

Add build status badge

I puted this badge into README.

build badge

Update gem information



Debug response error on

Sometimes, returns response that it causes encoding error.

/usr/local/rbenv/versions/2.0.0-p247/lib/ruby/2.0.0/cgi/util.rb:43:in `unescapeHTML'
/path/to/brand2csv/lib/brand2csv.rb:230:in `parseAddress'
/path/to/brand2csv/lib/brand2csv.rb:331:in `getMarkenInfoFromDetail'
/path/to/brand2csv/lib/brand2csv.rb:366:in `fetchDetails'
/path/to/brand2csv/lib/brand2csv.rb:548:in `block in fetchresult'
/path/to/brand2csv/lib/brand2csv.rb:543:in `each'
/path/to/brand2csv/lib/brand2csv.rb:543:in `fetchresult'
/path/to/brand2csv/lib/brand2csv.rb:574:in `run'
bin/brand2csv:94:in `<main>'
fetchDetails did not work reinit session and retry for 646773. nrRetries 1/3. e undefined method `encoding' for nil:NilClass

Skipped plz and ort detection of Inhaber (If it is nil), expectedly.

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