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  • Migrate custom dojo widgets and javascript codes to 1.7

Commits / Patches / Pull Requests, Scripts


Dojo Widgets

Yesterday, I could migrate almost a big custom widget Ticker to Dojo 1.7.
This widget animation has still a little strange behavior. But it works.

(frame rate is low)

I have to upgared today also following other widgets.

  • Desk.js
  • EditButtons.js
  • EditWidget.js
  • GuestbookWidget.js
  • Input.js
  • InputText.js
  • InputTextarea.js
  • LoginWidget.js
  • OneLiner.js
  • Rack.js
  • Show.js
  • SlideShow.js
  • [x] Ticker.js
  • Tooltip.js

Dojo Syntax Note

Widget lifecycle

startup is not called (automatically) by default. (You must call by your self)) So, I've used postCreate .

* startup
    If you need to be sure parsing and creation of any child widgets has completed, use startup. This is often used for layout widgets like BorderContainer. If the widget does JS sizing, then startup() should call resize(), which does the sizing.

See here about lifecycle of WidgetBase

How to use attach-point in widget template

See here:

use _WidgetsInTemplateMixin

OneLiner widget

I could make oneliner to work :-D

But, on Top page, If I put PhotoDavaz Component and PicBottleneck Component, then OneLiner script does not work.
It seems that dojo_tooltip is problem for this dojo widget.
dojo_tooltip in PhotoDavaz class [src code, on repo]

In current production, this tooltip does not work.

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