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  • Repair Login Form Widget.

Commits / Patches / Pull Requests, Scripts


Dojo Widgets

Current progress is below. Today I would like to migrate LoginWidget and some other widgets for admin page.

  • [x] desk.js
  • EditButtons.js
  • EditWidget.js
  • GuestbookWidget.js
  • Input.js
  • InputText.js
  • InputTextarea.js
  • LoginWidget.js
  • [x] oneliner.js
  • [x] rack.js
  • [x] show.js
  • [x] slide.js (SlideShow.js)
  • [x] ticker.js
  • [x] Tooltip.js

Refactor CSS and Fix HTML Attributes

Some CSS properties has duplicated and unnecessary styles. And some styles are not applied.
And Same html id names are in document.

This causes some performance issues.

Then I've refactored these issue before update.

* Fix artobject loading

It's not perfect, yet. But I will continue to refactor this a little bit at at time.

Rack widget duplicated setup issue

When I access following url:

Rack widget are evaluated twice. And its attributes are empty. This is little strange behavior.

Then I've refactored onload function and ywesee widget loading.

Reduce async js fetching requests

Current production has many async js fetching. In single page has >= 60 requests! It might be stored as cache. I think this is also involved in many memory issue on server. (Memory usage issue is reported on current production)

So, I've reduced this async requests as 3-4 per page.

Commit:Fix duplicated widget loading issue

Login Form widget

Login works on Firefox, but some dojo attach points do not work on Chromium :(
I use dijit.__WidgetsInTemplateMixin, but it does not work....


Finally, I could fix this issue. it was cased reference by wrong id at other place.

Commit: Make login widget to work

Tomorrow, I will update Edit widgets for admin user.

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