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  • Fix encoding issue (It has still wrong code points)

Commits / Patches / Pull Requests, Scripts


Debug Encoding Issue

Yesterday, I've tried as experiment via bin/admin, encoding issue to fix. See below

Setup in local

  • Get yml config files from production (scp)
  • Create "yus_sandoz" database in PostgreSQL
  • Create "yus" user
  • Create "bbmb_sandoz" database in PostgreSQL
  • Create "sandoz" user
  • Create apache config file
  • Get backup data for (yus, application database) and Import with zcat
  • Install gems with Bundle
  • Create init (boot) script (or Use daemontools)

Create yus database for sandoz

Create yus database and its role as you like.

postgres=# CREATE DATABASE "yus_sandoz" WITH ENCODING 'UTF8' TEMPLATE = template0;
postgres=# ALTER DATABASE "yus_sandoz" OWNER TO "yus";

Download data from production

In production has another name as database and role.
Replace it with regexp in your editor as you like before import
(e.g. `:%s/Owner:\ssandoz/Owner: yus/g` and `:%s/OWNER\sTO\ssandoz/OWNER TO yus/g`)

% scp\:00-postgresql_database-sandoz_yus-backup.gz .
22:00-postgresql_database-sandoz_yus-backup.gz                                               100%   47KB  46.9KB/s   00:00

Import data

% zcat 22:00-postgresql_database-sandoz_yus-backup.gz | psql -U yus yus_sandoz

Create application database uses odba (postgresql) as database.
So setup database like yus above.

postgres=# CREATE ROLE "sandoz";
postgres=# ALTER ROLE sandoz WITH PASSWORD 'xxxxx';
% zcat 22:00-postgresql_database-bbmb_sandoz-backup.gz | psql -U sandoz bbmb_sandoz

bbmbd can't connect into PostgreSQL

I've confirmed DB user and password are correct, but bbmbd fails to connect to db.

% ./
bundler: failed to load command: bbmbd (/path/to/
DBI::OperationalError: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "sandoz"

This problem was casude in lib/persistence/odba.rb ob bbmb.
The bbmb expects password key as db_auth not db_path.

In config file (etc/config.yml)

db_name: sandoz
db_user: foo
db_pass: foo

But bbmb expects db_auth in here: ="DBI:Pg:#{@config.db_name}",
                                             @config.db_user, @config.db_auth)

Fix encoding Script

I've written a small script to fix string encoding.


Firt commit, It works on my local. But In Production needs pull request version above.
I don't know why (Though I used same data...)

Attach: screenshot-sandoz-bbmb-ch-fixed-character-encoding-20160714.png


1. encode(ISO-8859-1) then force_encoding(UTF-8) 2. focne_encoding(ISO-8859-1) then encode(UTF-8) (if 1st fails)

# i.e. force_encoding(Encoding::ISO_8859_1) and encode(Encoding::UTF_8)
ch.bbmb.sandoz> c = BBMB::Model::Customer.find_by_customer_id('4100611843'); \
puts {|var| [var, c.instance_variable_get(var)] }.select { \
|k, v| v.is_a?(String) ? [k, v] : nil } { \
|k, t| [k, t.force_encoding(Encoding::ISO_8859_1).encode(Encoding::UTF_8)] }.map { \
|var, val| c.instance_variable_set(var, val) }; c.odba_store
-> #<BBMB::Model::Customer:0x007fb8839aa630>

Non flavored url issue again

It seems that My pull request in yesterday night is wrong. In my local, works without this pull request. And it uses flavor bbmb

So URL must have path /de/bbmb/customer/customer_id/4100609297 instead of /de/customer/customer_id/4100609297.

But on production, application does not work this pull request.
Setup of on production might have something another wrong...

Commit is:

And even if I put DEFAULT_FLAVOR sandoz in apache config file, then use bbmb as flavor.
This is also strange. Where does it come from?

I've found here:

Yesterday, On Production, Its flavor was sbsm, and it does not work even if I gave sandoz or bbmb.

BBMB boot script (daemontools run) does not use bundler

I've found a little strange situation on production.
The run scipt does not use bundler, and I cannot find Gemfile.lock.

This might be Problem.

Hmmm, But Production works now. (without Bundler)
So, I will consider this issue on next week.

In my local, needs this patch (without my pull request...)

% git diff lib/
diff --git a/lib/bbmb/html/util/lookandfeel.rb b/lib/bbmb/html/util/lookandfeel.rb
index acee895..64b19ef 100644
--- a/lib/bbmb/html/util/lookandfeel.rb
+++ b/lib/bbmb/html/util/lookandfeel.rb
@@ -200,13 +200,13 @@ La versione aggiornata delle nostre CGC puņ essere visionata e <a href='http://
   alias :orig_base_url :base_url

   # Provides non flavored base url
-  def base_url
-    _flavor = @flavor
-    @flavor = nil
-    url = orig_base_url
-    @flavor = _flavor
-    url
-  end
+  #def base_url
+  #  _flavor = @flavor
+  #  @flavor = nil
+  #  url = orig_base_url
+  #  @flavor = _flavor
+  #  url
+  #end
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