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  • Fix serie widgets (serie, tool, material) remove/add new links
  • Fix movie admin view (ajax requests)

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Fix serie widget remove link

Fixed serie (serie|tool|material) links.

  • Add new serie
  • Cancel
  • Submit new serie
  • Remove current serie

See also


Fix movie admin form

  • dijit.Editor loading
  • reference at onload

Updated admin form to work dijit Editor

Widget id issue

Afte change url by ajax request, dojo widget is not initialized for duplicated widgetid error.

Error: Tried to register widget with id==html-editor but that id is already registered


Selenium does not follow some redirects


Problem was duplicated ID attributes. has many same id attributes. This is not good...

<li id="movies"><a id="movies" href="...">Movies</a></li>

We have to fix these bad style codes, because this bad practice distubes feature tests.

Then I've arranged test environment.

  • Use phantomjs (GUI browser + headless is very slow)
  • Update watir
  • Remove watir-webdriver



The submit by some submit buttons do not work (only in feature test, server returns response, but browser fails as timeout)
The Testing on has still problems. (by something bad coding style reason)

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