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  1. Htmlgrid crash error
  2. Apache and mod_ruby and SBSM and rockit library
  3. Check error log
  4. Update narcotic data structure and process

  1. Removed redefine_19_cookie.rb (sbsm)
  2. Added html-parser.rb, formatter.rb, sbml-parser.rb to src/util (
  3. Added doc/resources/gcc/oddb.css (
  4. Rescue KeyError when searching the index tables of ODBA cache (
  5. Fix error: undefined method pointer for nil:NilClass in State::Global#resolve
  6. Fix undefined method split for :sl:Symbol in price_history view (
  7. Fix FloatDomainError(Infinity, divided by 0) in price history view (
  8. Fix encoding error in quanty/fact.rb (
  9. Skip an error of invalid patinfo document in patinfo view (
  10. Delete update_narcotics from import_daily, and delete export narcotics yaml from export_daily (
  11. Changed BM (Narcotic) link (
  12. Add bm_flag accessor to Package class, and changed the condition of showing 'BM' link to use bm_flag in drug view (
  13. Added NarcoticPlugin#update_from_xls method for new importer of narcotics xls file, and added Updater#update_btm(path) (

Htmlgrid crash error

Error (if is compiled from extconf.rb on Ruby 1.8)

Apache and mod_ruby and SBSM and rockit library


  • mod_ruby is compiled on Ruby 1.8 (precisely extconf.rb on Ruby 1.8 makes Makefile, and is compiled from the Makefile)
  • That means, mod_ruby runs on Ruby 1.8 and search libraries from Ruby library path of Ruby 1.8
  • The current virtual host setting is
 RubyRequire 'sbsm/trans_handler'
  • This calls SBSM from the Ruby library paths of Ruby 1.8 (SBSM gems on Ruby 1.9 is not used)
  • And SBSM::TransHandler (parser classes) calls rockit library
  • Even if the library is specified like
 RubyRequire '/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/sbsm-1.0.5/sbsm/lib/sbsm/trans_handler'
  • The SBSM runs on Ruby 1.8 and tries to call rockit library from Ruby paths of Ruby 1.8
  • If rockit library is not found from the library paths of Ruby 1.8, then simple_uri_parser (SBSM::TransHandler#simple_parse_uri method) is used.

Check error log


Update narcotic data structure and process


  • Quit use @narcotics variable and data
  • Stop using update_narcotics from import_daily, stop using export narcotic (yaml, csv) from export_daily
  • Narcotic information will be added under Package class
  • a flag variable is set in Package class and if there is information in the xls file, the flag should be set to True
  • If the flag is true, 'BM' link should be shown and it is linked to the site
  • Change the narcoti view


Not commited yet

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