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  1. Update narcotic data structure and process
  2. Check error log online

  1. Added App#bm_package_count variable to save the total number of narcotics (
  2. Updated narcotic data structure, view, and state (
  3. Deleted App#bm_package_count variable (
  4. Added white space in the tob narcotics view, and deleted atc subheader in alphabetical view (
  5. Deleted atc subheader in narcotics alphabetical view when logged-in as admin (

Update narcotic data structure and process


Delete old narcotics data

ch.oddb> delete_all_narcotics

Import new narcotics data from a xls file


Only once for the first time

ch.oddb> rebuild_indices 'narcotics_de'
ch.oddb> rebuild_indices 'narcotics_fr'


  • rebuild_indices method updates the index table format depending on etc/index_definitions.yaml file
  • The contents of the index tables above is automatically updated when update_btm runs

Check error log online

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