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Port ydim-html to rack

Started yesterday to build a test environment for porting ydim-html to use a rack based SBSM 1.5.9

Files added/changed were

  • /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/
  • ydim-html/
  • lib/ydim/html/util/rack_interface.rb
  • lib/ydim/html/util/rack_app.rb begins to start. And visiting http://localhost:8050/ shows the first exception as YDIM_VERSION is only declared in bin/ydim-htmld. Easy to fix and now I see the login screen.

After the login I see that the @cache variable is not correctly initialized and nil at lib/ydim/html/util/rack_app.rb

Errors are nicely logged into log/2018/01/10/Ydim-Html_log.

After adding the same email/md5_pass in /etc/ydim/ydim-htmld.yml I get a nil @server in gems/2.3.0/gems/ydim-1.1.0/lib/ydim/client.rb.

Found finally that I was connected to YDIM::Server and not the YDIM::RootSession. Must investigate why.

It took me some hours to find the correct solution. But now ydim-html is up and looks fine. Did not yet test any injections.

Did not yet push comits. Saved locally. See Attach:rack-based-ydim-html.txt

To test I simply started it bundle-240 exec rackup inside the git workspace.

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