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  • Update to postgres 10. Planning migration on thin and/or fastpower
  • Update VAT to 7.7 in ydim
  • Keep in Mind



Update VAT to 7.7 in ydim

Must commit to change loading the config yaml file early enough. Also Zeno reported that the PDF did still show the old VAT tax of 8.0%. It looks to me that on thinpower the changes introduceed via the commit Fixed loading bin/ydimd were not properly propated to thinpower.

Also we find that bin/ydim-edit still defines at a vat_rate of 8.0. This definition should go into the loaded config /etc/ydim/ydimd.yml. The change of a VAT-rate should NOT need a code change, only a configuration change.

The logo did not display until I added the line logo_path: /etc/pdfinvoice/logo.png /etc/ydim/ydimd.yml, which was previously found in /etc/pdfinvoice/config.yml

Pushed the commits

It is okay to use the new version 0.5.4 of ydbi and yddb-pg.

Had to add the content of /etc/pdfinvoice/config.yml into /etc/ydim/ydimd.yml. Now the invoices work correctly.

The PDF still does not work correctly. In commit the text of the MwSt is set to 7.6 if the VAT-rate of the server at the moment is display is diffent from the VAT-rate at the moment, when the invoice is generated.

Banging my head why we find in the yml files overlapping and contradictory definitions like

  • tax: 0.080
  • texst: tax: MwSt 8.0%
  • vat_rate: 7.7

I will fix this mess by using always the vat_rate and use a tax_print_format 'MwSt %0.1'. (Note: Zeno is happy to use the same MwSt for all invoices. This is an assumption that is wrong if some lines would have a VAT of 0 or a reduced VAT and others the normal VAT rate.

Corrected some issues in ydim. Now the generated PDF shows and uses the correct VAT-rate of 7.7. however still displays "MwSt 8.0". This comes from the definition inside lib/ydim/html/util/lookandfeel.rb. This must be reworked, too.

Pushed commits

When sending emails I must show all recipients (to, cc and bcc).

Update to postgres 10. Planning migration on thin and/or fastpower

Working on fixing the error reported yester when running import_daily.

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