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  • Fix unit tests on
  • Migrate (javasrcipt)

Commits / Patches / Pull Requests, Scripts


Fix Unit Tests on

Fixed tests.
Errors were caused by unnecessary white space.

Commit: Remove unnecessary white space

And, I've setuped travis-ci for my personal branch on remote repository.
Because we cannot change hook,setting on central repository.


Migrate widgets

Dojo Widgets

Current progress is below. Today I would like to migrate EditWidget and some other widgets.

  • [x] desk.js
  • EditButtons.js
  • EditWidget.js
  • GuestbookWidget.js
  • Input.js
  • InputText.js
  • InputTextarea.js
  • [x] login.js (LoginWidget.js)
  • [x] oneliner.js
  • [x] rack.js
  • [x] show.js
  • [x] slide.js (SlideShow.js)
  • [x] ticker.js
  • [x] Tooltip.js

Prevent duplicated actions by double click

Currently, (in production also) some links and submit tags work for (duplicated) multiple action by dobule/triple clicks.
Then I've changed this to prevent by state in html attributes.

Commit:Prevent duplicated widgets by multiple clicks

Fix NoMethodError for artobject

Ajax fetching returns error.


NoMethodError undefined method `artobject_id' for nil:NilClass
error in SBSM::Session#http_headers: /en/gallery/ajax_desk/artgroup_id/PAI/serie_id/ADC/artobject_id/567
undefined method `artobject_id' for nil:NilClass                                   
/path/to/ `init'                                 
/path/to/ `initialize'
/path/to/ `initialize'
/path/to/ `new'
/path/to/ `block in component

Commit: Fix admin art object form

Fix toggle function for serie (tool and material)

If I click "Cancel" or re:click "Add New Serie" link, then Input Widget creation fails,
because previouse widget's id is registered into dojo registry.

* Fix toggle function for serie,tool and material

Fix Duplicated Ajax rack request

When I access Drawings, and then select Desk widget, following ajax requests are send.

GET /en/gallery/ajax_rack/artgroup_id/DRA/serie_id/AAG/artobject_id/49  200 OK  39ms
GET /en/gallery/ajax_desk/artgroup_id/DRA/serie_id/AAG/artobject_id/49  200 OK  54ms

Desk depends existence of Rack widget.
Its handlings in sever side are almost same (duplicated).

Then I reduce these ajax request only once (in each, rack and desk).

continue tomorrow.

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