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Migrate widgets

Continue to fix duplicated ajax requests on show widgets {rack|slide|desk}.

See: (job log at yesterday) Fix duplicated ajax rack request

The Problem is that these show widgets (also rack itself) depend on rack widget. So, I would like to move ajax fetching request into each widgets.

Dojo widget's destroy and dojo/fx's wipein dose not work ... :'(


Finally, I was able to fix this problem!
This is caused by timing issue on async behavior. and its animation depends this strange ajax requests.

I spent all day for this problem, today... :'(
But this change reduces pretty amount of unnecessary ajax requests on


Fix online down

Today, I've noticed on online is down. (Monitoring by daemontools was also stopped.)
This problem is sbsm 1.2.6 was installed into rubygems in ruby 1.8.6.

After check if other service uses this version of sbsm, then removed sbsm-1.2.6 from rubygems of ruby 1.8.6.

I don't know why sbsm of this version was installed into rubygems of ruby 1.8.6.
Any application never uses this version. is back.

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