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  • Fix artobject form
  • Fix gallery

Commits / Patches / Pull Requests, Scripts


Fix new artobject creation

When I save new art object, all artobject's series are confused.
But there is only a single INSERT query. This is strange.

197 Query     INSERT INTO artobjects (location,language,price,serie_position,size,text,url,title,artgroup_id,serie_id,\
tool_id,material_id,date,country_id) VALUES ('','','','','','Foo Bar<br />','','Test','DRA','ACD',\

This was problem of application design (data structure design).
serie is not belongs to artgroup. but on view, load all artobjects by serie. This means admin user must care about which serie is used by artgroup. (This is bad).

But, for now, I would like to focus only fixing bad code and migrating to Ruby 2.3.1 and Dojo 1.7.
Then this problem is ignored.

dijit editor (dojo makes iframe) is not testable for now :'(


Fix serie link on gallery


Fix inspiration tooltip

Tooltips on inspiration page do not work.
Because this use dojo_tooltip support on htmlgrid. (this does not work)

I would like to remove dojo support feature from htmlgrid.
Then, I've implemented these tooltips in application.


Fix movie link test has many irregular html tags.

<a href="" onclick="function();" ></a>

Or a Page has same duplicated id attributes.
This is bad.

We cannot run test with this bad style code.
Then I've fixed some these parts for movies.


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