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  • Fix live editor

Commits / Patches / Pull Requests, Scripts


Fix live editor

Yesterday, I've just fixed live editor for guestbook.
But it seems that some pages without guestbook also use live editor widget.
It must be enabled.

But live_editor is not initialized..

HTML tag is generated, but dojo widget (live editor) is not loaded...
This live editor widget works on guestbook. Why :'(

Problem came from data.
Data had strange line break code. Then dojo failed parsing.
Then, I've replaced (escaped) this line break.


By this change, following live editor is fixed

  • Live editor on HIS WORK
  • Live editor (only text) on news
  • Live editor on links

Note adding entry

The adding of entry at HIS WORK on production does not work, correctly. Then I've ignored this for now...

Remain bugs

  • Image display on HIS WORK (admin) (uploading also does not work, but this is fixed later)
  • Slide show on HIS Family
  • Debug (check) News and Links
  • Fix tooltip (or link) on Lecture
  • Spruce up other renamins functions in davaz.js (shop etc.)
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